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migration in CodeIgniter-4 Commands
Database migrations in Codeigniter-4 are used to track and run the changes of the database with the help of Command Line Interface with the help of Spark. Spark is the built-in official commands provided by Codeigniter-4.
Android Jetpack contains a set of libraries & components to build a perfect application and the navigation component is part of it.
Coding standard makes sure that all the codes written by different engineers have a proper and consistent appearance.
Revolutionizing 移动应用开发 with Kotlin Multiplatform
Kotlin多平台移动 is a cross platform technology in which we can share code between Android and IOS platform. KMM uses kotlin programming language & it becomes very popular among us due to its simple & 表达的语法.
By Jaimini B | June 1, 2023
Apple presents PencilKit in iOS 13, Before iOS 13, integrating Apple Pencil was more complicated. 它提供了一组工具 & 轻松添加绘图、素描api & annotation capabilities within an app.
GA3 or GA4
How is GA4 different from UA (the old version of google analytics)? Here we cover all the things related to 谷歌分析 properties & learn about how to set up goals in the newer version of GA4.
Child Theme Parent Theme in WordPress
Users used it to modify and customise theme files before child themes arrived. Customising theme files causes a lot of problems, For example possible loss of customization and security vulnerabilities during theme updates.
Step by step guide to WordPress多点
WordPress多点 formerly known as WordPress Multi-User (WPMU) is a powerful WordPress feature that allows you to create a network of multiple websites easily & quickly from a single WordPress dashboard.
Fluid Design by using Clamp Function
Responsive typography is grown increasingly important as it allows text to adjust dynamically based on the screen size it is viewed on.
How to Get the Most Out of Your Current IT Budget Updated
The most challenging feature of building an IT budget is transitioning from the annual make-it-fit isometrics to a meaningful planning session.
What is the Discovery Phase of a 软件项目 Complete Guide
The project discovery phase is the primary phase in delivering any software project you are going to start. The discovery phase also helps businesses in organizing & understanding the development stage much better.
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